Creating a place where you can come together and just feel each other presence. The Foodbank is not only a place to go and et your food, it is also a social place where clients creating a connection with volunteers. Having a conversation when you pick up your box is something that happens a lot. Having a quick talk about almost nothing. But what is nothing? Can I create a place or a tool where you can create that connection on different moments in the system of the Foodbank? Talking about nothing and understand conversations like that, is what I want to analyse during these experiments.


By creating different set-ups, I’m curious if the conversation between people is changing. What if you don’t see but only hearing each other and the other way around. By analysing those conversations between two or three people I hope to get more insides into to a quick conversation between people. Having a conversation in real life is of course totally different from online. Scan the QR code to participate on my digital conversation platform to create a connection with a digital device to.


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Having a conversation with someone can help you to discover new thoughts of just want to tell your thoughts to someone. This can be someone who you know or not. Is there a difference between people who you know or not? Send my a text on Facebook Messenger Thara Nabbe. 


Let's talk about what you want, this can be everything. Talking about the weather, something that you experienced everything is good.